Courtney Sheinmel


My So-Called Family by Courtney Sheinmel

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Welcome to a day in the life of Zachary Cooley!

Zack barely has any friends to invite to his tenth birthday party. His popular twin sister doesn't appreciate his efforts to put safety first. And his uncle gives him a scratched up bottle as a gift, and breaks the news that Zack is a genie.

Yes, you read that right: Zack is a genie. And faster than he can say "happy birthday," he is whisked away on his first genie assignment, without any training or instruction. Using his powers to grant wishes isn't exactly the easiest task, especially since Zack is stuck with Trey, a.k.a. his spoiled "master," and the bullies chasing them. Zack may be used to protecting people from every day dangers, but he has never before had a day like this! Will he able to save Trey - and save himself?

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