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Hello, friends -

It's November! That means The Kindness Club #2: Designed By Lucy is out in paperback!

It's a story about trying to do the right thing, missing people you love, finding good friends, and bowling! I hope you enjoy it.

The best part about writing a series about kindness is people tend to tell me their kindness stories. Here's one I heard the other day: my friend Deb was walking out of her apartment building when a new neighbor walked in. Deb knew he'd moved in, but they hadn't met yet, so they introduced themselves. It happened to be raining pretty hard, and the neighbor told Deb that she should grab an umbrella. Deb said she didn't have one, but she was going to run to the store to get one. It was just down the block.

"Here, take mine," the neighbor said.

"Are you sure?" Deb asked.

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