Courtney Sheinmel


Discussion Questions

1. After her parents got divorced, Chloe Silver had to move to a new house and go to a new school. If there was a new kid in YOUR school, what are some things you could do to make that person feel comfortable?

2. Chloe misses Lia, her best friend from her old school, and worries that Lia is making new friends and forgetting her. Do you think there are things Chloe (and Lia) could do to make that better?

3. There are a lot of other changes in Chloe's life, like the new people in her dad's life. Why do you think Chloe was unhappy to meet Gloria and Sage? Do you think the dinner was a good idea, or do you think Chloe's dad should've handled things differently?

4. The It Girls Club has a lot of rules, and the Kindness Club doesn't have many at all! Should clubs have rules? What do you think good club rules would be?

5. Chloe lied to Monroe about returning the patch because she didn't want to be unkind to Lucy. Have you ever had a problem being kind to two people at the same time? Do you have any advice for Chloe?

6. Over the course of the book, Chloe learned important things about friendship. What are the most important traits a friend can have?

7. Why do you think Chloe had a hard time telling her mom how she was feeling? Have you ever had a similar experience with a parent, or another grownup in your life? What did you do?

8. Theo taught Chloe and Lucy about the "butterfly effect," which says that a butterfly flapping its wings in one country can cause a change on the other side of the world. What do you think of the butterfly effect? How do the things you do and say affect other people in your life, and maybe people you don't even know?

9. Besides the project for Mrs. Gallagher, Chloe did a lot of other kind things, like letting someone skip her in line, and dropping pennies for kids to find. What are some kind things you can do to be kind in your everyday life?

10. What does the word "kindness" mean to you?

11. Have you read other books or short stories about kindness? Which ones? What did you learn from them?