Courtney Sheinmel


What do you do after you lose the person you love the most?

Sloane Weber is devastated when her older sister dies by suicide. Talley was a bright light that made everyone want to step closer. Why had she made that unthinkable choice?

The only clue Talley left behind for Sloane is a puzzle - a list of random places and names, along with the phone number of a boy named Adam, who lives in California and claims he didn't know Talley.

A few of the other list items are also in California, though Talley herself had never been there...or maybe she had. Sloane has to find out. She heads west, enlists Adam's help, and together they search for answers. But while Sloane is drawn to Adam, she can't shake the feeling that he's hiding something. And is Sloane ready to learn the truth - about Adam, her sister, or the secrets her family has been hiding for years?

From author Courtney Sheinmel comes an emotional, page-turning novel about the bonds of sisterhood, the imprecision of memory, and the incomparable value of finding something to live for.

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