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Hello, friends -

Happy May Day!

If you've read Agnes & Clarabelle Celebrate, then you know that May Day is one of the holidays that those adorable porcine and poultry besties celebrate.

As for me, I'm feeling especially celebratory on this particular May Day, because today is the day that the paperback edition of my young adult novel Edgewater is finally officially out in the world!

I looooooove the cover of the Edgewater paperback. I can't take any credit for it; it was the genius of the art department at my publisher, Abrams Books, and I'm so grateful for their vision and keen eye for detail.

As for the words inside the book, I did have something to do with them: I wrote them. Some days, writing those words felt fairly easy. I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and I was able to translate the ideas in my head to words on the page rather quickly. And some days, trying to meet my daily word count goal felt like I was wading through quicksand - while wearing leaden boots, with someone back on the shore throwing rocks at me.

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